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Richard Gibbe

Richard Gibbe is a skilled director and executive producer with extensive experience in award-winning television commercials, corporate videos, web-based content and digital media production. A strategic leader with expertise in interpreting client objectives, content creative and execution of communication goals, Richard is highly regarded in the industry and known for his collaborative skills with agency creatives, producers, project and account management.

A few highlights:

  • Produced a 12-spot comedy-based commercial package for Richards/ Carlberg (The Richards Group) for the Houston Chronicle winning three Gold Addys

  • Executive producer and director for 8,000 individual television commercials for Lennox Industries (heating and air-conditioning) and agency GSD&M; shot on location across the US and Canada. Gibbe Productions supervised five crews that traveled to fifty cities over a five-year period

  • Directed an hour-long corporate film for Southwest Airlines documenting their experience handling the events of 9/11, with then CEO Herb Kelleher and sixty others; directed a 30 minute SWA corporate film with current CEO Gary Kelly on Decision Making

  • Directed a series of back-to-school national spots for Target

  • Produced “Magic Sandwich” commercial for Sara Lee Deli Meats and Omnicom

  • Directed four multi-year television campaigns featuring Troy Aikman for Acme Brick

  • Executive producer on two, 90-minute films for Fannie Mae and agency GSD&M one in English and one in Spanish

  • Directed award-winning PBS television production, Beauty and the Beast in American Sign Language; winner S.E.C.A Award and directed Khan Du, Corporation for Public Broadcasting best locally-produced Children’s Series


Theodore Horrocks

Ted Horrocks is an accomplished director and visual artist with a love for storytelling and a passion for transforming concepts into on-screen reality. He thrives on being a part of the inner workings of a production, applying his know-how to any and every facet of the process. From concept to completion, if you can imagine it, he can create it.

Ted’s background as a 3D artist and CG animator gives him exceptional perspective into visual communication and commercial production. His motion design and cinematic skills have been recognized by the industry with more than 20 awards over the years. Ted’s live-action directing expertise enables him to capture powerful performances, seamlessly fused with special effects.

Since 1998, Ted has worked with industry-defining brands such as HP, Sysco Foods, MasterCard, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, AIG, Enron, AT&T, BP, Kia, Dr. Pepper, Animal Planet, Miller Beer, The United Way, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Schlumberger, Sunnova, Baker Hughes, NOV, Weatherford,  Continental Airlines, and Acme Brick.